What are the proper connection types?

AMS Signature Series ConnectionsSignature Series

Signature series components feature a heavier thread than 5/8" threaded connections. They are generally more robust and last longer under heavy use. Signature components can be connected and disconnected with only 2 1/2 turns, and have less risk of galling. Our most popular slide hammers, augers, core samplers, and soil sampling kits are available with signature series connections.


5/8" & 3/4" Threaded Connections5_8 Threaded3_4 Threaded

5/8" and 3/4" threaded connections use standard, national course, threads. 3/4" are used with the AMS professional line of augers and samplers. 5/8" connections are the most common and least expensive. Augers, core samplers, probes, slide hammers, hammer-head handles, and kits are available with threaded connections.

Quick-Connect ConnectionsQuick Connect

The quick-connect button-and-hex coupling system allows components to connect and disconnect faster and with less hassle than threaded or signature series systems. When in use, the torque exerted on the system is placed on the hex – rather than threads – which makes the quick connect connection durable and prevents the components from binding together. Quick-connect connections also allow for reverse augering with either a rubber-coated cross handle or ratcheting cross handle. Most augers and some soil sampling kits are available with quick-connect connections, but the connections are not compatible with slide hammers or the hammer-head cross handle. 

Hex Quick Pin ConnectionsHex Quick Pin

Hardened steel male/female hex connections that accept standard 3/8” snapper pins or heat-treated 3/8” U-clips. The simplicity of the snap pins is unmatched for hand auger applications, while the heat-treated 3/8” U-clips will allow you to hammer & reverse hammer your core sampler with confidence. Both of these connections offer easy assembly/disassembly on site & will allow you to accomplish your sampling task quicker & more efficiently.